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At this clinic we treat a range of musculo skeletal injuries and conditions some of which are listed below. If you are not sure if we can help you please ring and ask to speak to Kathy Gardner. If she is with a client you will be asked to leave your telephone number and she will contact you when she is free.


Achilles tendon problems Frozen Shoulder Knee problems Rotator cuff problems
ACL repair Golfers Elbow Knee replacement Sciatica
Ankle problems Groin Strain Low back pain Severs
Anti Natal Exercise Growing pains Leg pain Shoulder problems
Arthroscopy Hamstring strain Ligament strain Shoulder surgery
Bursitis Hand problems Lumbago Sports injuries
Calf strain Headaches Mobility problems Stress incontinence
Capsulitis Heel pain Muscle pain Tendon problems
Carpal tunnel Syndrome Hip problems Neck problems Tennis elbow
Chondromalacia patella Hip replacement Osgood Schlatters Thoracic Pain
Dislocations Ilio-tibial band pain Patellar pain Urge Incontionence
Dizziness Balance problems BPPV Vestibular rehabiliation
Disc problems Jaw pain Pelvic problems Walking problems
Foot problems Joint problems Pelvic floor weakness Whiplash
Fractures Joint replacement Postural problems Wrist problems

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